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Loft enrichment for pigs


At Stable Brothers we offer an extensive range of options for pen enrichment and pig welfare, together with our in-house veterinarian we provide tailor-made advice to improve your animal welfare.

Offering suitable pen enrichment to pigs has been legally required by EU regulations since 2003. The legal standard for pen enrichment is a so-called 'open standard', which means that it is a target requirement.

The goal is indicated, but the way to achieve that goal is up to the animal keeper. On the one hand this gives room for innovation, on the other hand it gives less guidance and clarity as to whether the loft enrichment that is used complies with the legal standard.

Here you will find a brochure on standards and regulations.

This brochure provides information about loft enrichment, in order to make a good choice, but it does not specify a legal minimum. That minimum is determined by the pigs themselves: do they have sufficient material to investigate and play with and is this prevent undesirable behavior and injuries?

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